If you're still using Internet Explorer as your 'go to' browser, it's time to make a change not only for reliability and speed but for your own security as Microsoft has admitted that most versions of IE are vulnerable to hackers who set up malicious websites that are allowing them to install apps, break into other accounts and basically take over your computer as their own.

Dubbed "Operation Clandestine Fox" , experts say the best thing you can do is simply stop using Explorer and switch to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome which don't have the same problem, but if you insist on continuing to use IE, there are some steps you can take to help patch the problem until Microsoft fixes it as seen in the video below.

You can also disable Adobe Flash, which will stop the bug, but also stop you from playing games and videos.

Of you still have Windows XP, remember that Microsoft stopped support on that version a few months ago, so it's unknown whether a patch will be available when the next batch of patches are released on May 13.