The South Dakota House Education Committee will discuss HB 1087 at 7:15  Wednesday morning in room 413 of the State Capitol. The proposal has been dubbed the "school sentinel" bill.

If passed as currently written, local school boards would have the authority to designate an employee to possess, or carry, a firearm on school property.

There are 105 legislators in Pierre. 29 of them are sponsors.

Obviously, this is proposed as a local solution to the recent shootings at American schools.

We all want to end the wounding and death of students as they go about their journey seeking education. The President has proposed national solutions. Most agree Congress will do little or nothing to respond.

I am glad our state legislators are proposing possible solutions. I would rather have locally created fixes than a "one size fits all" approach from Washington.

At this point I have more questions than answers about this idea. I want to believe having gun in school will help stop violence before it starts, or stop it early. I am afraid another firearm could become part of the problem rather than the solution. Unclear to me are the legal issues a local school board takes on when it allows and designates an employee to carry a weapon.