With the snow arriving in Sioux Falls albeit in a small quantity, we should at least consider the onset of the winter season.  After an extremely dry summer, some snow in the coming months will help get things recharged in 2013.

One place that is sure to get attention galore is Great Bear Recreation Park where they hope to have in excess of 50 thousand visitors to have fun in the snow.  They offer skiing, snowboarding and tubing hills and cross-country trails.  By surface area, it is the largest entry in the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department.  However, the city doesn’t oversee all aspects of the resort.  It is officially a co-management agreement with the city of Sioux Falls and Great Bear Recreation Park Incorporated.  Just as the municipal golf courses in Sioux Falls are co-managed by Dakota Golf Management Incorporated.

The next few years will be very telling for Great Bear as Sioux Falls continues to grow and attract more people for events.  Expansion plans are being considered due to the wait times that have lengthened for some of the attractions.  Consider that Great Bear draws from Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota.  It would not be wise for those folks who drive a few miles to have some fun spend most of their time waiting in line.  Elsewhere will become the destination.

The hierarchy at Great Bear would like your input as well.  They have hosted some community forums recently and are still mulling all their options before submitting a proposal.  Follow the link here to send your thoughts on how to make winter recreation better in Sioux Falls.