Yesterday we had Christmas in Presho, SD.  We had a great ride out, packed into my wives SUV.  It was interesting to see how things have changed.  Instead of kids playing with toys or reading books, they were working two different crossword puzzles.  One out of the paper and one on a smart phone.

We made it out to Presho and while we were making preparations for the meal and waiting for others to show up I heard my mom tell one of the kids, this is a table cloth my mom made.

Now, Grandma's been gone for some time now, but it was awesome to see how bright red the fabric of the tablecloth was.  It was even more incredible to see each stitch that was X'd with love. She even had napkins to go along with the tablecloth.

My oldest son Jake said, it must have been stored in a good place cause it's still perfect and it hasn't bleached out a bit.

Out of all the neat gifts I received yesterday, touching and holding on to something that my grandma Minnie had made half a century ago was as great of a Christmas Treat as I'll get this year.

How about you?  See any 'surprises' this Christmas?