(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Bad apples can be found at the bottom of any barrel.  Thus we should not be entirely shocked with the actions of officials in New Jersey.  If you are unfamiliar with the happenings in the Garden State, take a gander or click here.

Could this happen in South Dakota?  Sure it could.  Anyone in the position of authority can make a decision and intentionally harm someone else.  Hubris run amok can seep into the dealings of any public figure.  Have we seen the trappings of power and control on this sort of scale yet in our humble state?  Maybe if you count former Governor Dick Kneip naming a building after himself while in the state’s highest office, but that’s pretty tame.

Trust is not something easily gained and can be quickly scuttled as we see with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  Much like a covenant between a husband and wife is built through a courtship and sealed by marriage, trust once broken is not quickly rebuilt.

Every day, maybe even hourly every one of us is subjected to temptation to seek vengeance or some kind of self-gratification.  People who seek the approval of others (as in a vote to win election) are in the role of service to the constituents who put them in office.  It is impossible to expect perfection, but all of us can hope our leaders aspire to a standard left by a king from years ago speaking of Himself as one who “did not come to be served, but to serve.”

For a fuller context of the above phrase click here.