Does the cold and snow have you longing for yard work and gardening? Now is the time to start planning your gardens, not planting. Whether you want to plant a vegetable garden or beds full of annuals and perennials you should figure out how much space you have and whether you’ll plant in the ground or in pots or both.

Hayley Zeigler of Cliff Avenue Greenhouse says as soon as the weather breaks, gardeners should check the conditions of the soil.

“There’s a short window to work their soil. You may need soil conditioners like compost and peat moss,” said Zeigler.

For those who want to start soon, Zeigler says there are some bulbs that can be planted now in pots indoors then transplanted outside. “They can get started on lilies, cannas and begonias.”

Some gardeners like to plant seeds indoors then move them outside. But gardeners need to check the packages to see how long plants take to germinate. “The plant needs to have at least two true leaves before putting them into the ground.”  The general rule is plant your gardens after May 15.

Zeigler says the biggest mistake gardeners make is planting too early. “The daytime temperatures may be in the 50 to 60 range but it’s the nighttime temps you have to watch. You can’t plant if the night temperatures are 40 or below,” said Zeigler.

She always goes back to the health of a garden depends on the ground you’re working. “The plants do a lot better if they condition the soil,” said Zeigler.