Guys, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning from summer to fall.

If you’re like me, you’ll be checking the closet to make sure the stuff you rocked last autumn is still in fashion this year.

Here are five things you want to toss out if you come across them.


A Frumpy Leather Jacket: You know the type: boxy, shapeless, looks like a Hefty bag with a hemline. This may come as a surprise, but leather jackets should fit incredibly close to the body. That’s how they keep you warm — not to mention make you look pretty badass.

Puffer Jackets And Vests: Sure, a feather-filled friend certainly combats the cold. But a puffer can also pack on (imaginary) pounds like some evil autumnal illusion. Nowadays, you can find layering pieces including down jackets and vests that maintain body heat without the bulk. Oh, the wonders of technology.

Sleeveless Hoodies: Jackets sans sleeves don’t really make any sense for fall — or any season for that matter. Is your core cold while your arms are burning up? Yeah, exactly. Invest in the whole hoodie or don’t do one at all.

A Deep V-Neck Sweater: Over the last couple of years, your eyes have no doubt been beaten to death by d-bags donning man-cleavage-baring tees. Naturally, this time of year signals a seasonal switch to a similar type of sweater that, despite what the weather would lead you to expect, dips in direct proportion to the temperature. We suggest a more modest V, or, if you just can’t resist temptation, a conservative crewneck.

Logo Scarves: You may think a scarf covered in GGs or LVs says, “Hey, I know fashion,” but what it’s really screaming is, “I like to pimp my body out as a billboard.” While there’s no shame in doling out dough for pricey pieces, you should make sure your scarf says something about you rather than the company that makes it.

I passed that test with flying colors!  how did you do?