Yeah!!!  It's almost football season.  I can hardly wait.  Again this year, I was invited to join a fantasy football league.  And, again this year, I said, "Thanks, but no thanks."  So how big is fantasy football?  I read a story on the air this morning stating there are an estimated 30-million people involved in a fantasy league....30-million!!! In fact, the folks who put on the "Comic Con" convention each year are sponsoring a "Fantasy Football Fest" this weekend in Atlantic City.  They're planning for 25-thousand fans their first year out.  Are you kidding me...25-thousand? Those who attend will be able to meet NFL veterans and, more importantly, draft their teams for the upcoming season.  I guess I'm more a fan of the game than I am a particular team.  If I were to pick a favorite team, it would probably be the Minnesota Vikings (so I guess I am in a Fantasy League...haha).  My fear would be that if I created a fantasy team, it would take all the fun away from watching the game.  Some of my friends argue that, for them, it puts fun into a game they otherwise would have no interest in watching.  And now with the NFL Red Zone channel, they don't even have to watch the entire game. They can just catch the scoring plays.  But what about the plays that happen between the 20 yard lines?  So, they don't count?  Call me "old fashioned," but I prefer to just sit back with my beverage-of-choice and my chips-and-dip and enjoy the entire game.  Plus, how am I suppose to slip in a nap if I have to keep jumping back-and-forth between games. That's half the fun of watching football...napping.  And then waking up and realizing, "Hey, the game is still"  Enjoy the upcoming football season!