This story has to do with converting human urine into brain cells.

A team of Chinese stem-cell biologists believe they've discovered a way to treat degenerative diseases of the brain by using human waste

Their process works by using cells present in urine and transforming them into brain cells, which they say is much more accessible than cells found in skin or blood samples.

Just like yesterday, and the elephant dung coffee story, I once again ask the question, "Who was the person, or persons, who first came up with the idea? - urine and brain cells?"

I don't know how it works over in China, but I'm betting it's a lot like it is over here.  It's either a boatload of federal research dollars up for grabs - or alcohol somehow being involved.

All I can figure is the idea must have originated when this group of researchers was out partying one night, looking for ways to cash in on research dollars.

Maybe one of the guys came up with the idea when he excused himself to go to the bathroom - and he was overcome by urinal cake fumes.

Perhaps that's been my problem all along - I'm not "thinking outside the box."  Maybe I need to open my brain to the "odd and unusual" if I ever hope to get rich.

I'm sure there's got to be some federal money somewhere to look into why we park on driveways and drive on parkways.

Or if calves from the same cow meet in the middle of the pasture, do they experience deja-moo?

If I can't win the lottery, I'll find a way to pluck some cash off that big federal money tree on Capital Hill.

Who's with me?