If you've driven around or through that pothole once in Sioux Falls, Gaylynn Huber, Street and Fleet Operations Manager, says it's one too many times.

"Over the last couple of weeks with the temperatures changing, getting a bit warmer and colder at night, we've really seen a lot of activity.  Through the winter it's been fairly slow for us. We would get around 3 calls a day. But, recently we've been averaging over 12 calls to fix potholes.  The good news is this:  we're repairing the potholes on a daily basis.  As we get the calls in the morning, we're fixing them during the day and go after the new calls the next day."

Gaylynn Huber encourages residents to call the Pothole Hotline at 367-8002.  Right now, the Sioux Falls Street Division has four teams working to repair potholes.