(NPN) -- Sioux Falls dialysis patients now have the option of parking by the front door instead of having to go to the hospital ramp, take a skywalk then an elevator to dialyze—and stay healthy.

Sioux Falls resident Justin Christensen, 27, stands but one of the hemodialysis machines he uses as a patient at the new stand-alone Davita Sioux Falls dialysis clinic in a strip mall off 57th and Western in Sioux Falls. Photo by Todd Epp

(NPN) -- Davita Sioux Falls has opened the first stand-alone kidney dialysis center in the city.

While new to Sioux Falls, the stand-alone concept near 69th and Western in a new strip mall is standard across most of the rest of the country, according to Davita executive Cari Dock.

“This is not new for Davita,” Dock said. “Davita has over 2000 facilities most of which are located in free standing or in a strip mall and very few of them still remain located in a hospital system.”

For patients like 27-year-old Justin Christensen of Sioux Falls, who has been on dialysis for 12 years, it means convenience in his three-times a week dialysis routine.

“It’s more personal and the parking’s just right out front,” Christensen said. “They’re more ready for you. It’s just more like home in a weird way but it’s treatment. And we just want to get them in and get them out.”

The new facility opened in December and provides hemo, peritoneal and home dialysis services. Next week, the clinic is scheduled to offer after 5 p.m. dialysis services, where a patient can sleep while dialyzing.

The clinic had its formal open house last week.