I started hosting "A Better You" two weeks ago. Enjoy the opportunity to learn from the nurses, doctors, and scientists. Received the email below:

Hi Rick, congratulations on two very good A Better You segments. I enjoyed last weeks and today’s very much. I could relate to today’s very well as having had many mammograms and biopsies and thankfully, so far, they have been negative but women who do not get these routinely after they reach a certain age are not being very responsible or caring about their health. Granted a mammogram is not a pleasant experience, nor is a stereotactic core biopsy which is even worse than a mammogram and I have had two of those but I needed to find out and in order to do that it was suggested I have the biopsy. Anyway, enough about me, thank you for two excellent programs. You sound like you are enjoying this and what an excellent opportunity to meet many of the highly qualified medical personnel in Sioux Falls. This is a learning experience for all of us.


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