I was on my fourth watch-through of Parks and Recreation on Netflix recently, because I use my time wisely. In season 6, episode 15 Leslie Knope leads the charge to find a new town slogan for Pawnee, Indiana.

It inspired me. Maybe Sioux Falls needs a new town slogan.

Well, it first inspired me to find out if Sioux Falls has a town slogan. There are several by the way. Then I was inspired to brainstorm some new ones.

For this exercise I combined the ideas of slogans, mottoes and nicknames into the same thing. Here are some of Sioux Falls':

      • The Heart of America
      • Best Little City in America
      • Queen City of the West
      • Gateway to the Plains

Those are all great, but lacking a certain pizzazz. We need a slogan with a modern touch. One that really gets across what our fair city is all about. So, lets throw some spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks.

      • Sioux Falls: Stone Shatter City (reportedly a Lakota translation of Sioux Falls)
      • Sioux Falls: Look, a Waterfall!
      • Sioux Falls: I Said Sioux 'Falls' Not 'City'
      • Sioux Falls: Ever Seen Mad Men? That One Actor is from Here
      • Sioux Falls: No, the Motorcycle Town is Sturgis
      • Sioux Falls: Work at a Hospital
      • Sioux Falls: I Always Forget How Great the Bike Trail Is
      • Sioux Falls: We've Never Seen Anyone Actually Eat Lutefisk
      • Sioux Falls: We Never Heard of Chislic Either
      • Sioux Falls: This is South Dakota, Sioux City is in Iowa
      • Sioux Falls: Your First Winter Here Will Leave a Scar
      • Sioux Falls: Home of that Thing that Happened That One Time
      • Sioux Falls: More Like Zip Fail Mill! Amiright!?!
      • Sioux Falls: In This Case SF is for Sioux Falls, not Santa Fe or San Francisco
      • Sioux Falls: Sounds Like Sue Falls
      • Sioux Falls: We Get Kinda Weird About Restaurants
      • Sioux Falls: After a Couple Years 75 Degrees Will Seem Really Hot
      • Sioux Falls: I Heard We Might Be Getting a Whole Foods
      • Sioux Falls: For the Last Time, This is Sioux FALLS, not Sioux CITY

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