(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Turning older was pretty cool…when I was 21.  I’ve since doubled that number plus one.  Getting older is now a fact of life and the body will try to maintain a pace to maybe triple that number.

Being on Facebook enhances that experience because you have that icon in the top right hand corner that denotes who has a birthday on that day.  People will actually take the fleeting moment to type a little birthday wish.  Compare that to the amount of people who would actually purchase a card before hand, put a stamp on it and send it through the Postal Service.

It’s a decent barometer for who checks social media on a consistent basis.  My well-wishes list included folks from my hometown, relatives, friends, current and former co-workers and both my Mother and Mother-in-law.  She even got a chuckle about my take on our MONOPOLY experience.

Since I have this platform and the “column inches” to utilize, a sincere “Thank you” go to Lori, Julie, Sam, Berwin & Millie, Harold & Linda, Roberta, Greg, Brenda, Shannon, Lynn, Karla, Jim, Robin, Greg, Pam, Tina, Deb, Patti, Tami, Mary, Dee, Kim, Brad, Rochelle, Andy, Kristi, Micky, Mary, Monte, Jessie, Kevin, Lorean, Perry, Scott, John, Julie, Linda, Leanne, Angie, Sherry, Susan, Vicki, Steph, Lisa, Marianne, Crash, Linda, Kerry, Jan, Jerry, Joe, Teresa, John and Ann.