Since 1975, milk consumption has decreased 30% in this country. So dairy farmers are launching a new ad campaign.

The premise of the spot is they ask if you know what's in your "imitation" milk, like in soy milk and other products.

I have to admit, I'm not a big milk drinker and I think it's because I grew up on a dairy farm. I've talked about this on the air before, and it seems I'm not alone. A lot of people who grew up on a dairy farm seem to shy away from the white stuff.

In my case, I think it's because whenever we needed milk Dad would just go out to the bulk tank with his stainless steal, gallon-sized pail and just dip in and grab some.

And then I remember he would place it overnight in some sort of pasteurizer that sat on top of the stove. What exactly this machine did I have no idea. I'm assuming it killed all the "bad" stuff. The part that bothered me the most though was how we had to stir the milk before using it, otherwise we would get all cream - yuck!

I know some of you are thinking to yourself, "Hey, that's the good stuff."  But I just never could warm up to the idea of drinking something that had the consistency of watered down chalk. Even to this day, it's all I can do to put milk - and skim milk at that - on my cereal in the morning.

Now beer, that's another story!