I don't care if you work in a tiny office or a corporate environment, sooner or later you're going to run across a co-worker, supervisor, or some big corporate executive that loves to utilize "business jargon buzzwords."

I've worked with a number of different people throughout the years that like to drop those business jargon clichés like they're handing out Halloween candy.

I think some of my favorites are things like; "Thinking outside the box", "It's a no-brainer", "Low hanging fruit", "I need 110 percent", "It's on my radar", and who could forget "Bang for your buck"?

What does all this gobbledygook really mean? Beats me. But there sure seem to be a lot of people out there that love to use all this unnecessary management drivel on a daily basis.

I've got a great idea, the next time some corporate suit in your office starts spouting out all of his or her "management speak." Just break into a game of "business jargon bingo."

That right, simply write down all these different business jargon catch phrases on a bingo card. Then every time your boss or some corporate monkey uses one in a staff meeting or on a corporate call, cross it off.

The first person, who gets a bingo, gets a free lunch or a complementary after work bump from the rest of their co-workers. Or maybe if you work in a more casual environment, you could play the "management speak" drinking game?

Everybody takes a pull off their favorite libation each time your boss spouts out a business jargon buzzword. Hey, whatever it takes to help stomach all this irritating jargon.

Now I know you've got a lot on your plate right now, but going forward, why don't you reach out, touch base, and get all hands on deck, to bicycle those ideas around. Run the numbers, see if they move the needle, if so, attempt to close the deal. It could be a win-win!

Me, I've got to get back to the drawing board!