I'm kind of caught in the middle.  My kids are pretty much grown up.  And where two of them are still playing sports, I don't have a child playing soccer at this time.  The reason I bring it up?  It's not only been a crazy spring for everyone in town, but if you've got a kid playing soccer it's been brutal.

Dan Collins had his feet up on the counsel in the control room while Kenny Chesney on Kickin' Country and told me some of the hurdles they've had to jump as soccer parents.

We've had coaches trying to schedule practices at indoor facilities.  We had one at the new Sanford Field House. Last night we were in Oak Hills Baptist Chruch  for a practice with the kids.  Then he paused, like only a 'tired parent can pause,' and said 'but wait there's more!'

Sioux Falls Soccer has a lot of challenges this year.  He added, yes we had a late spring and that's one thing, but they've worked on the fields so in many cases we don't have grass under the snow.'  Then he paused again and added, like only Dan can add, then there's the deer poop to contend with!'  Deer Poop?  Really?

I suppose it's possible.  You've seen the hoards of deer that are making Sioux Falls their place to 'pen up'  along the Big Sioux River.  Their winter home is  where 'you guessed it,' most of the soccer is played.  In fact the now famous video of two deer fighting was on one of the soccer fields.  You probably saw the one deer push the other over on the bleachers that moms and dads watch soccer from. So even after things melt down, there will be some additional cleanup.

Yep, it's been quite a long winter.  And an even slower start to spring.  There's one group that's hoping that it warms up and springs up quick.  Soccer parents!

Coming soon a story on what to do with Sioux Falls growing wildlife herds and flocks.  We've got deer on the soccer fields and in back yards plus geese at the airport and everywhere else.  Most of all, we have something to write about and something to talk about around the office.  Sioux Falls, thanks for giving us so much!