The trick-or-treating today may be dominated by mutant teen turtles, Avengers, bat gentlemen, and Harry Potters. But, in the late 80s, He-Man was the master of Halloween, as well as the universe. Hot Halloween costumes then also included Madonna, Chuck Norris, and Minnie Mouse. At least that's what we learn in this news report from WDEF-TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Watching this I got a reminder about those dumb plastic masks we had back then. Just a generic face looking thing, painted to look like Rambo or He-Man. But still just looking like some man.

Plus they were kept in place by one, flimsy, piece of elastic. And that elastic was good for only about one use. By the end of every elementary school Halloween party, about half the class was stapling and taping their masks back together. If you were lucky enough for your elastic to survive until Halloween night, then you got the pleasure of the thin elastic digging into your ears all evening.

Something else I remember that was common at this time, but they don't talk about it in the video, was the number of hobos and hippies that would appear each Halloween. I know I was a hobo at least once. Maybe it was because it was the easiest costume to put together. Just a ripped shirt, dirty pants and a stick with a towel tied on the end. Being a hippy just meant wearing a shirt with a flower on it, giving the peace sign, and not bathing for a week. That was even easier.

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