There comes a point in a child's life when they have more toys than they could possibly ever need. They might not agree, but that enormous stack of unused play things from holidays past does not lie.

So what to do?

The Washington Post has some suggestions of gifts you can give your children this Christmas that are NOT toys. (I'll share some of them with you, then offer up my thoughts)

  • Exercise equipment: They're thinking trampolines, bicycles, and basketball hoops here. All great ways to get your kids active and outside. But, have our little snowflakes really gotten so sedentary that these are considered 'exercise equipment'? Sad.
  • Journal: You better know your kid pretty well to get them one of these or you risk looking like the lady that's giving away pencils and bookmarks on Halloween.
  • Conversation questions: This doesn't sound like a present as much as a family activity. Spring this one on everyone at the table after dinner, Just don't call it a gift.
  • Multi-cultural treats: Weird 'snacks' are not presents. If you've got a house full of finicky eaters, prepare for a full-scale revolt!
  • A box of awesome: The only thing 'awesome' about a box of photos and notes created by friends and family will be the looks of disgust when you child gets to the bottom of the box and realizes there is no actual present.
  • Clothes: A jersey from their favorite sports team or a t-shirt from their favorite singer? Sure. But as for clothes in general, we already have a holiday for that, it's called 'Back to School Shopping'.
  • Pocket knife: If you've got a front porch for whittlin' while groovin' to Grandpa's jug band, fine. But seriously, where can you take a knife anymore?
  • Book of their artwork: See 'Journal'.
  • Music: They may be on to something here. Just make sure you're getting them the tunes THEY want to listen to. This is not a great time for you to try to convert your kids to the enchanting world of thrash metal.
  • Anything they need: This a good time to stop and ask yourself an important question Moms and Dads: How do I feel when I get stuff I NEED for Christmas instead of stuff I WANT? That's what I thought. Keep moving...

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