It's taken 73 years for this to happen. Valentine's Day is falling on Ash Wednesday. What does that mean? First of all you can't spell Valentine without lent!

For meat lovers who are Catholic, sorry. That rule still applies. So will that mean restaurants will see a decline in reservations? Probably not.

This hasn't happened since our grandparents were dating! I wonder what they did to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Ash Wednesday can occur as early as February 4th or as late as March 10th. And that 40 day period where Christians pray, repent, abstain and fast can be challenging.

If you're among them what will you abstain from?

Here's a suggestion, dating someone you work with. Check out Chad's article about the #Me Too movement. It may just cure you.

I don't think anyone can go wrong with flowers, a nice card or just spending some alone time together.