VSCO? What does that mean? What does it stand for? What's a VSCO Girl? Well, ladies and gentlemen get ready for a lesson in "kids today".

The word VSCO or more widely know as VSCO Girl comes from a term that is used with mainly children to young adults who were born between the years of 1996-2010; this generation is typically associated with being defined as Gen Z.

The term associated with an editing software/ filter that teenagers use to edit their photos to be uploaded to Instagram that typically has a grainy look or texture to them. The model in a stylistic photo such as previously mentioned will also be more than likely wearing their hair relaxed or messy pulled up in a scrunchy. Little to no makeup is worn on their face, oversized clothing, they usually like to be healthy and environmentally conscious. VSCO Girls can usually be seen carrying around an oversized water bottle.

The water bottle is carried around to show off stickers that the individual has collected or what types of things/ activities they are into.

Now for the seemingly excessive scrunchies up the forearm. This is typically down in a mockery or to show off how many scrunchies the individual owns. Some have every color of the rainbow in every pattern and use them to tie back their hair every day.

So if you want to be "hip" with the kids these days we have you covered with these "VSCO Girl" essentials:

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You can have every color imaginable with this pack of hair scrunchies! Or they make a great stocking stuffer for any young lady on your Christmas list this year.


These hydro flask water bottles come in every color under the sun and are stainless steel so they will last a very long time.


Stickers. No VSCO Girl is complete without them on her water bottle! And these were actually titled "VSCO" stickers on Amazon. Plus they are referencing environmental issues that we all know any VSCO Girl will gladly take a stand for.