In Thursday’s installment of “The Magic Number is 1310,” Viewpoint University co-hosts Rick Knobe and Dan Peters talked with Slater Barr, president of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation and Mary Medema, its workforce development director.

The development foundation works to bring in jobs that help create more jobs in the Sioux Falls area, hopefully, raising overall wages.

“We are kind of focused on primary industries which are companies that bring in dollars from outside of community into our community and then kind of provide that provide that wealth creation,” Barr said.

Medema says the Sioux Falls economy is diverse, with almost 10 percent of jobs in manufacturing, 20 percent in health care—the largest sector--, almost 20 percent in retail, nearly 15 percent in financial services and the remainder in other services and hospitality.

Besides this diversity, she adds that plentiful educational opportunities in the area are good for workers and employers alike.

“We have about 11,000 people who take classes right here in Sioux Falls," Medema said. About a dozen institutions of higher education. They offer classes of all sorts. And so we are very fortunate that people can improve, you know, their standing and employers can partner with these institutions."

Medema also said that most of the jobs the Sioux Falls Development Foundation brings in pay more than $13.10 per hour.