The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday on the field but in the stands, it was a Cowboys fan that put the beat down on Eagles fan.

In a another disgusting act of fandamonium gone wrong, a Eagles fan got knocked out by a Cowboys fan on Sunday.

In what appears to be a very heated argument, the Cowboys fan decided to take it from a argument to a crime.

This isn't the first violent incident we've seen caught on tape at a NFL game this season as we saw a Vikings fan get beat up outside of the season opener in San Fransisco by some 49ers fans.

Another incident occurred recently following a Eagles/Giants game where a Giants fan was punched by a Eagles fan.

Regardless who was cheering for who, these moronic moves of masculinity need to stop and need to stop now.

I'm tired of seeing these events on another level than the pure fact you feel awful for the victim, but you see the pure harm that could occur to any fan at a game that is supposed to be enjoyed.