The stories are circulating about the recently completed football contest between Augustana and the University of Sioux Falls.  Many of the participants and spectators will remember the event for years to come.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the byegone spectacle is the revelation that some former gridders would have given up body parts, a national title or even their firstborn to play in that game.  Witness the sacrifice and hubris of young and old men.  That stuff sounds good, but it's like the fish story that gets better each time it's told.

Most of the buzz understandably comes from the Cougar end of the newly sparked rivalry.  They've got titles from a lower division of football, but were considered rubbish by the haughty Vikings.  When one team is thrashing Dordt and Dakota Wesleyan every week while the other is getting their hind ends kicked by South Dakota and North Dakota State you don't have a lot of street cred.  However, coming into this game, USF has some skins on display.  One of those being the ONLY team from South Dakota so far to beat the University of North Dakota on their turf.  So far this season, the Purple are once-beaten and looking to make a serious splash in their first full-fledged year in NCAA Division 2.  Giving up a national title seems a bit overboard just to play a crosstown rival.

The landscape has now shifted with both teams in the same conference and now this will be just another game on the schedule for years to come.  This first time as equals will be cherished much more by the little brother who has grown up to look older brother in the eye and finally got the best of him.  Now that the Key To The City clash has been settled, good luck to the Coo.  They could actually make the playoffs.