I don't usually pay any attention to viral feel-good stuff shared on Facebook. I'm partial to cynical jokes and Walking Dead related memes. When relatives and friends share some uplifting picture or quote I scroll past, maybe with an eye-roll.

This goes double when a post is Christmas related. To me Christmastime is two months of stress, untenable financial balancing and weather induced panic attacks.

But, Tuesday morning, a friend shared a post that reminded me about the true spirit of Christmas. It's a story posted by Randy Fikki, a guy near Kansas City. He tells a story about seeing a young mother with two children standing in the cold at a bus stop. He reluctantly stopped to see what was going on. Reluctantly, because the whole thing looked like it could be a scam. But, what he found, and the journey it took him on was amazing.

I don't know if this is a true story, if it really happened, and I kind of don't care. It was the right words at the right time to remind me of what is beautiful about people and this time of year.

Here is the post.

Woke up this morning and began scouring the net for the best deal on a Big Screen HDTV in my area. Found one at Best Buy...

Posted by Randy Fikki on Monday, November 30, 2015

Here's the full text:

Woke up this morning and began scouring the net for the best deal on a Big Screen HDTV in my area. Found one at Best Buy I wanted, and decided to go get it. At least that was my intention, jumped in my car and decided to grab some coffee and a bagel at Panera at 103rd and State Line. As I was making my turn off State Line there they stood, a woman and two children huddled together walking near the bus stop. Why are those kids not wearing coats? What is wrong with that woman? You see, it's 35 degrees and rainy here in Kansas City. How irresponsible? She must know better, right? Why would a person do that? Then it hit me, why would a person do that?

I pulled into the parking lot, rolled down my window, "Is everything okay?"
She replied, "Yes, stupid me, ran out of gas just off the exit ramp."
My thoughts... Okay I have heard of this scam before... Likely story...Do not give her money... Oh they got me... What is her angle?... Why is she using her kids?... Okay, just offer to buy them some gas and take them to their car... If there really is a car?... Do not get scammed... Do not give her money... Don't be a bleeding heart...

"Jump in, let's get you some gas, and get you and your kids back on the road."

She replied, "No that's okay, but could I just use your phone, to call a friend."


Several calls later, and several answering machines, no one answered or seemed available. Long story short, she chose my help.

We got gas and a gas can, and headed toward the vehicle near the highway. Putting the gas in the tank, I noticed driver's side window was missing, and that car had seen much better days... I asked if the kids had coats and was told that she had plenty of blankets that kept them warm. She opened the back door to prove that she did, and there they were, several blankets along with two empty gallons of water, couple of boxes of crackers, a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly. A look of embarrassment filled her face as the kids jumped in and pulled the blankets on top of them.

My heart sank... "Follow me, let's me fill your tank and buy the kids some coats, gloves and warm socks..." Tears rolled down her face... "You don't know me," she cried.

I replied, "Yes, yes, I do."
"What do you mean?" she stated.

You see I did know her, she was me, I was her, we were one. WE ARE ONE...

We had just finished shopping, the kids have coats, gloves, socks, shoes, and also each got a toy. Then my phone rang, it was an unknown number, I answered. The voice said, "Someone called me from this number?" I said, "Oh do you know Amy." The voice got quiet then stated "Yes, what happened to her, she my daughter, we haven't spoken in months... Is she okay?"

"Yes she is right here." I handed Amy the phone, "It's your Mom."

Tears flowed down my face as I heard Amy ask her Mom if she could come home. Her voice changed to one of a child as she said. "I need you Mommy... I need to come back home... I should have listened... I'm sorry... They evicted us last Monday... We've been sleeping in the car... The kids are cold..." Her Mom said yes come home. She handed me back the phone, and the voice on the line thanked me for being at the right place at the right time.

Well this morning I did not get a new big screen, but I definitely saw the big picture.

Open your eyes, see the world around you, help make it a better place, hug your children, keep them warm, ask for help, lend a hand, Look For Angels... She was definitely an angel. She was definitely a blessing, She was placed perfectly, carefully, spiritually in my path, to open my eyes.
You see, I already have a 45 inch television. Do I really need a 65 inch television?"

Skip the Bigger Screen, Choose the Bigger Picture.--- Randy F. Facebook.com/randy.fikki