This year will soon be over.  It gets me to thinking about this peculiar word close.  Most times the usage will range from completion (which ties in to the year-end theme) to a spatial consideration.

You close a door or can hold someone close.  Think about it.  By using the correct word a series of different meanings surface.  For this purpose we shall include the past tense of the verb among our selections.

Closed Chain, which is another way to describe a ring.  Of course a ring has no beginning or end.

Close-cropped describes a certain haircut.

Closed stance is a style of batting in baseball.

Close-fisted or tight-fisted describes spending habits or the delivery of a punch.

Close-knit means a bond within families.

If a business is reducing inventory they have a close-out sale.

A very small room is close quarters.

Narrow escapes are known as a close shave.

Time to close this article down.  Happy New Year.