If this news is true, it sounds like there will be no shortage of presents under the typical families Christmas tree this year.

Both men and women plan on dropping some serious ching on gifts this holiday gift giving season. Especially men. Sure it's a well known fact that a lot of men (myself included) are really bad when it comes to coming up with gift ideas for the woman in their life. What guys are really good at is dropping some serious coin!

A new survey has found the average man will spend nearly $763 on gifts this year. That's roughly $200 more than most women plan on spending on Christmas presents.

Everyone knows it's not about the amount of money you spend right? What's really important is the thought behind the gifts you give. That's where women are putting men to shame.

Women have that uncanny ability to come up with all those thoughtful, meaningful, and useful gifts. That, coupled with the fact that most women tend to be thriftier spenders, meaning the people in their lives usually end up getting more gifts.

Men on the other hand, have a tendency to just buy gifts that are more expensive.

The survey showed that the majority of women plan on spending between $400 and $500 on gifts for their loved ones this shopping season.

And that pet in your life will not be denied this Christmas either.

53% of people say they plan on placing a little something under the tree for their fury friends this year. Hopefully their fury friends don't pee on the package before they get a chance to open it first!

Source: Daily Mail