It's a universal truth that whenever a parent begins anything with, "You know when I was a kid..." your own kids will roll their eyes. But it's fun, so we keep doing it.

Here's a few of those glorious inventions from the past that my kids will never have the joys of knowing. And that's why us parents keep bringing them up.

More than likely, kids today will never know the joys the following things - unless they make a comeback. Mix tape, anyone?

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    The Wall-Mounted Phone

    Yes kids, these was a time when we were "tethered" to the wall when we used the phone. And us smart kids knew just how far that cord could reach when mom was on the phone and we were screwing around. By the way, "roaming" meant we bought a 25' phone cord at the Coast-to-Coast store on Main st.

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    Developing a Roll of Film

    I know it's hard to believe, but there was a time we couldn't immediately see the picture we just took. We just had to hope cousin Daryl didn't have his eyes closed. We had to carefully remove "film" and keep it in a little plastic canister until we could get it developed. Only then could we share them with our friends. This was shortly after the cave chisel.

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    Our state-of-the-art "texting machines" were called typewriters, and they weighed a ton. The nice thing about it was, we could type as many letters as we wanted as long as the ribbon held out. In other words, our data plan was always unlimited.

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    Reading a Map

    Before Google Maps and MapQuest, there were actual fold-out paper maps we used to navigate. It worked just fine and it never told you to "take left in 100 feet" when there was clearly a lake there. The only drawback was, folding them was difficult. That's why mom came along.

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    Using an Encyclopedia

    This was our main "go-to" source when we needed to know stuff. When I was a kid, my parents actually bought a set from a traveling salesman - and we were the talk of the block. My friends said we "must be loaded." Looking back, I think they meant rich.

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    Make a Collect Call

    There was a time when we could locate one of these glass boxes along the road and call someone. It took some patience and a few coins. If we were broke we could ask the person we were calling to pay for the call. If they didn't accept the charges, they were no longer your friend.

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    Fixing a Cassette Tape

    Remember when you ejected a cassette tape from the player and the tape unraveled? We had to insert a pencil in the spindle and turn it until the tape was fixed. Nothing worse than your Air Supply tape going to s%*! in the heat of the moment - if you know what I mean.

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    Hiding from the Avon Lady

    Believe it or not kids, there used to be a very fancy lady that came to your door selling make-up, sexy lotions, and perfumes. Sometimes when mom didn't have any money she made us kids hide and be quiet until the Avon Lady left.

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    Using a Phone Book

    At one time 99% of American homes had a phone book. It was a big deal to have your name in there. People could find out where you live and call your home phone at all hours of the night. Nowadays, we call that stalking.

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    Basic Car Maintenance

    There was a time when we could change a bulb in a headlight, or change the oil in the driveway. But that was when cars were cooler - and easier. Now, you need a degree in mechanics to get at the blinker.