Man, all I got for my college graduation was a hefty bill from some chick named Sallie Mae. Skylar Diggins on the other hand got a brand new Mercedes from none other than Jay-Z.

I knew I should have worked on my jump shot instead of beer pong.

According to ESPN:

On the day Skylar Diggins graduated from Notre Dame, she was presented with a new Mercedes by Roc Nation, the company founded by Jay-Z that represents her. Jay-Z was a former part-owner of the Brooklyn Nets, but he divested himself of that interest to start a sports-representation agency. Diggins is among his first high-profile clients.

Diggins posted the following note on her Twitter account, a reference to a Jay-Z song:

She also posted pictures of her new ride.


Diggins was drafter third overall in this year's WNBA draft by the Tulsa Shock.