Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether says the vote on snow gates is set for April 8th, 2014.

"If the vote is not favorable, we will not implement snow gates and we will end further testing.  However, I still think we will provide what many consider the best snow removal in the country right here in Sioux Falls."

On Tuesday, Mayor Huether along with the City's Public Works and Finance Departments provided the City Council and the community an overview of the testing competed on snow gates.

During the past three winters, about 20 percent of the City's streets were tested with snow gates.  While the average snowfall was less during the three years than the typical Sioux Falls winter, testing gathered a lot of information.

"We learned a lot during these years of testing," says Gaylynn Huber, Street and Fleet Operations Manager.  "Snow gates are effective at reducing snow in driveways and intersections.  They are most effective if we receive less than 6 inches of snowfall and when the sonw contains less moisture."

The Mayor says "the city will do our part to inform the public prior to the election, and we'll proactively budge for the additional costs in 2014 so we're ready to roll in the event of a favorable vote."