Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says a road rage incident took place Monday afternoon at 24th Street and Minnesota Avenue.

"We had a couple of cars that were just starting to enter a construction area. One car quickly pulled forward in front of another car, cutting him off and slamming on the brakes," explains Clemens.

"Suddenly the vehicle stopped and honked at the suspect. The suspect then backed up in an attempt to hit that car. The victim was able to back up as well to avoid him. They then turned off the road to try and get away from the guy. He started following them."

Within minutes, Clemens says violence erupted at 26th Street and Spring Avenue.

"When they stopped for a stop sign, the passenger in the victim's car got out to confront the suspect. The suspect then drove up on the curb and hit this man. Then, he continued on."

Clemens says the victim was not hurt.

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