Sioux Falls Police arrested five suspects in connection with the break-ins of several cars late Tuesday night.

"Officers were dispatched to a business parking lot in the southwest part of Sioux Falls in regard to some individuals that had shown up in the parking lot in a van," explained Police Sgt. Sean Kooistra.

"They had gotten out of the van and were going around trying people's cars---trying to gain entry into the vehicles. I believe they did make entry into one or two other vehicles in the lot. The individual that witnessed this take place called police and was able to give a good description of the van and as well a description of the suspects that were taking part in this activity."

Shortly after the 911 call, Kooistra says the suspects were arrested on a variety of charges, including possession of stolen property, criminal entry of a motor vehicle and possession of a concealed weapon.

"Responding officers were able to locate the vehicle. They were able to conduct a traffic stop and made contact with five individuals that were in that van. Four of those individuals are adults and one is a female juvenile."

Kooistra says the car hoppers entered unlocked vehicles.

"This is a huge reminder to lock the car doors---not only in the situation where these people were going through a business lot trying car doors, but also stealing a firearm. That came from a unlocked cars."

Kooistra identified the four adults as Iman Karimpour, Fern Santiago, Dorian Wade III, Alyssa Dougty and a female juvenile. All five are from Sioux Falls.

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