Wintertime outdoor activities are plentiful in the Sioux Falls area. One choice to consider is the Outdoor Campus especially for those who like the trails. It’s a whole different dynamic that when the foliage is green.

Outdoor Campus Director Thea Miller Ryan has even forged an agreement with the city of Sioux Falls to groom cross-country ski trails. The Outdoor Campus is a state-run outfit, but finds in Sioux Falls a willing partner.

“They do a couple different parks here in town. There is a new grooming machine and it is laying down some great trails for the skiers.”

Walkers are also welcome, but Ryan says the groomed trails should only be used by skiers.

“If people walk on the groomed trail, what happens is their foot prints go down in it. When the skiers hit those foot prints, they fall.” Corresponding signs have been placed at various intervals to advise walkers to stay off the groomed trails.

Considering that it is the Outdoor Campus, there still is ample opportunity to view non-hibernating critters.

“We have so many people that post pictures (on social media) of deer very close to where they are skiing or walking. It’s a great opportunity to see wildlife.”