Over the weekend, Faith Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls hosted an event designed to help those less fortunate.  Groups came for a span of two hours to learn how to pack nutrition filled meals, then carry out their mission with a goal of filling 90 boxes per shift.  By doing so, that two hours of work by approximately seventy people fed fifty hungry children for one year!

The group that supervises the local crews is called Feed My Starving Children, a Christian-based group that sends out seven crews to cities nationwide every weekend to employ the work of volunteers in those respective communities.  Each meal is specially designed to give extremely malnourished people the best possible combination of ingredients to strengthen their bodies and pull them back from the brink of starvation.  The meal consists of a chicken-flavored powder that contains vital nutrients, dried vegetables, dried soy for protein and rice which is universally accepted as grain.

As you can see in the accompanying photo our whole family participated in this event.  I was the soy scooper, while my wife packed boxes, my daughter held the bag under the funnel as it was filled with product, one son was a counter of bags while the other helped seal the bags closed.  Of course, many other people performing specific tasks were needed to get to that goal of 90 boxes and we got 93!

The tragic figure of 18,000 children in this world die from starvation daily that truly is unacceptable.  Also, the message was brought home by the example of their outreach in Haiti where a three-year-old girl weighing only 14 pounds when she started receiving meals from FMSC was up to 23 pounds within 9 months.  That's just one of the legions of starving children who have been helped by this missionary group.  Since their inception in 1987 over 600 million meals have been packed and distributed worldwide.

Two hours of work can go a long way.  Then add that to other sessions through the weekend and over 100 thousand meals got packed.  Realizing that so many people do not have the blessings that we have, made my next meal that much more meaningful.  Then the lessons taught regarding meals at home with the kids hold more weight when other children would be glad to have food that day...or week.  Kudos to all the volunteers who made this possible and God's Blessings to those who will get this food.