The big weather story today is that temperatures will continue to warm through the week, the weekend and into next week. In fact, later this week we will reach 50 degrees for the first time since February 2nd.

Today will be cloudy with temperatures similar to where they were yesterday. Highs will range from the low 40s in Sioux Falls to the mid to upper 30s across Central and Northern South Dakota. If you have snow on the ground, it will be colder than in places without a decent snowpack. A decent amount of snow on the ground can keep your high temperature 5 or more degrees colder than it would be otherwise.

Tomorrow will be partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures similar to today. After tomorrow, temps will begin to climb a little each day. On Friday, high temps will reach the low 50s along and south of I-90. By Saturday, highs will reach the upper 50s with some places climbing into the low 60s.

There is a chance of rain late this weekend, but temperatures will stay in the 50s through the weekend and into early next week.

The overall flooding situation continues to improve in most places. We are, however, watching the James River around Scotland and Yankton, portions of the Little Sioux River in Northwestern Iowa and several other smaller rivers. Melting snow and ice jams will cause some rivers to rise, some to near record stage. Go to or our KSFY Weather app to find the latest information on flood warnings in your area.

For the complete forecast, check out KSFY TV's Weather Page.

Downtown Sioux Falls


Avera McKennan


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