Give your teenager a one dollar bill and tell him to go out and have fun with his friends. And just see what kind of a look you'll get.

Tis true, a buck doesn't go as far as it used to.

But there was a day a dollar meant something. Heck, you could stop here and there in Sioux Falls and walk out with any number of things. That one dollar bill could even get you to Sioux Falls to spend that other dollar scrunched up in your blue jeans pocket.

It's 1968 in Sioux Falls and your dad (or maybe granddad) pulls up to the pump in that used 1957 Chevy he's drivin'. Now, while you can only get a spit of gas for your dollar, he's pumping in 3 gallons, thank you very much. That'll get him through the night...maybe the weekend.

Or if he has some Christmas cards to send, he'll stop by the Post Office and pick up stamps...and I mean 20 of them. That should take care of friends and family.

But instead of that, he might be hungry. That's OK, just pull in to his favorite hamburger joint and get a hamburger...and fries...and a Coke. And yep, he'll get change back to boot.

However, it may not be all fun and games for papa back in the day. His mom sent him to the store with a buck to get milk (95 cents a gallon) or a dozen eggs (53 cents) or maybe a pound of sirloin steak for supper (85 cents). And if she slipped you an extra dollar, go ahead and get a Pepsi...a six-pack of Pepsi for 59 cents.

Our friends at have a whole list of other things your parents could score for a single dollar. And if realizing all the things they could buy for a buck gives you a headache, well, too bad you don't live in Sioux Falls back in 1968. You could get 100 aspirin for...yes, a dollar. Contributed To This Article

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