Marking his entry into a political battle, Larry Rhoden invoked the memories of his family members who served their country during various conflicts. The fight Rhoden now enters is on the battlefield of ideas. Rhoden, a Republican from Union Center, is going to square off against former Governor Mike Rounds in a primary battle for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

Rhoden who is a rancher and custom welder by trade is maneuvering to be the conservative option for the GOP against Rounds who is characterized as a moderate. Rhoden made his announcement Wednesday morning at Falls Park in Sioux Falls with a West River edition planned for the afternoon.

Serving as a legislator for the past 13 years at the state level, Rhoden is no stranger to politics. He believes Washington is headed in the wrong direction by stating that all three branches of government are overstepping their boundaries set by the U.S. Constitution.

His primary opponent Rounds announced his intention to run for the Senate seat in late 2012. The seat is currently held by the retiring Democrat Tim Johnson.