Coming up today on VPU, Rick Knobe will be out of the office.  He is set to return on Monday.  In the meantime, Dan Peters and Todd Epp will host the show for the full three hours as the Minnesota Twins take on Oakland.

We will have a couple of guests between 4 and 4:30.  Dean Hopper of “The Hoppers” will give us a preview of their show Friday evening in Sioux Falls.  At 4:30pm we will take care of “mayor withdrawal” as Julie Anderson Friesen the Mayor of Cinema Falls will give us a preview of coming attractions for the fall season.

Other topics to be included will be the Medicaid Task Force report, plus the constant state of anxiety that permeates our elected clan in Washington.  There is also a rumor of some Pirate Radio today as well on KSOO’s Viewpoint University.