Nearly every state now has some sort of distracted driving campaign, but the Minnesota Highway Patrol has put together a very powerful video message to remind drivers to be more aware of the dangers and the laws of distracted driving.

The video centers around the death of a young Rock County, Mn. mother after a driver, who checked his phone on the way to the local bank, struck and killed her as she was riding her bike along the road.

On June 30, 2014, Andrea Boeve was hit from behind as she was towing her two daughters, ages 1 and 4, in a bike trailer. Andrea died at the scene of the crash; her daughters survived.

The driver of the pickup, Chris Weber, said he had taken his eyes off the road "for only a second" to check his phone when he heard a "thud."

My wife was a close friend of Andrea and the pain is still felt around her circle of friends every day. Every year, on Andrea's birthday they gather to honor her memory.

Let this somber reminder from the Minnesota Highway Patrol be a reminder that having your eyes on your phone - and off the road - for even one second is too long.

Please pass this video on to someone you know who thinks still okay to check the phone while behind the wheel.

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