Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard, Democrat challenger, Susan Wismer, John Good, FBI agent in charge of ABSCAM, and pharmacist Robert Mabee, today on VPU.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard will talk budget, banking, politics. Susan Wismer wants Daugaard's job. She will follow the Governor at 5:30pm.

Pharmacist Robert Mabee will talk about the Affordable Care Act, your pharmacist, and corporate medicine.Changes are in the works, and big medicine companies and big hospital systems are herding us into their systems, at the possible expense of convenience, timeliness, quality and our wallets.

Reporter Todd Epp spent time today with the former lead FBI agent for the ABSCAM debacle, in which Senator Larry Pressler was on the only honorable one of the bunch.

Political reporter, Dana Milbank, from the Washington Post is in Sioux Falls reporting on Pressler and the Senate Race. Todd will talk air some of his interview with agent Good, and Columnist Milbank during the 6p hour.