Sioux Falls Police arrested three teens after they allegedly threatened to take a boy's car in Kuehn Park Wednesday night.

"Our victim is a 15-year-old male," Police Spokesman Sam Clemens told us. "He had pulled into the park to meet some friends. While he was there, another vehicle pulled up next to him. There were three people inside that vehicle. They rolled down the windows at first and started talking. This vehicle backed up and blocked in the 15-year-old. All three got out and started making comments about taking his car. The victim pulled out a twenty dollar bill and offered it to them. They grabbed the money and left."

Clemens says the victim then called police.

"As they were making the report, the vehicle drove back. An officer was able to stop the van. All three people were still inside the van."

Clemens says a 16-year-old, a 17-yar-old and an 18-year-old have been charged with second degree robbery and petty theft.

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