Police say a Sioux Falls man who was being evicted pulled a bow and arrow on his landlord Thursday afternoon.

It happened just after 5pm in the 500 block of South Spring Avenue, where Officer Sam Clemens says the landlord had gone to see if the man was leaving.

Clemens says the man would not let people into the building. He says the landlord had been getting complaints in recent days from people who said the man had been threatening them with a knife and shooting arrows into the ground.

Clemens says the landlord had issued an eviction notice and was stopping by to see if the man had gone, but he arrived to find the man on the porch.

Clemens says when the man aimed the bow and arrow at the landlord, the landlord left and called police.

Clemens says police arrived to find 29-year-old Christopher Halsey with not only a bow and arrow, but also another arrow, a jousting sword with an 18-inch blade and a fixed-blade knife with a six-inch blade that was out of the sheath.

No one was injured, and Halsey was arrested on an aggravated assault charge.