There seems to be something of a chicken war brewing in the fast food industry.  Seems chains are pulling out all the stops to wet your appetite and get your business.

Burger King is about to introduce a new chicken sandwich called the Chicken Big King.  It's a triple decker that resembles a Big Mac, except with chicken patties.

To help get the word out, they're bringing back one of the most viral ad campaigns of all time - The Subservient Chicken.  When the website launched in 2004, it got 100 million hits in the first two weeks.

Basically, what it amounted to was an actor in a chicken costume responding to commands over the internet.  In actuality, an actor pre-recorded hundreds of acts so it would seem as though the chicken was obeying people's orders.

Burger King plans to post a new, short video this Wednesday at 8 am C.S.T. on the website

The website is already live and shows what appears to be a shot of the empty room where the character originally performed its tasks 10 years ago. A pop-up alert for a "Missing Chicken Error" prompts people to click a "Help Us" button, which then asks people to share the link on social media.

Not to be outdone, KFC just recently brought back the popular Double Down, which is bacon and cheese between two chicken patties.  And Domino's is in the process of launching a new pizza that has a fried chicken crust!