A catastrophic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday destroyed an architectural treasure of 800 years. Artwork, stained glass, wooden carvings and a frame of heavy timber. The iconic spire is gone and so is the roof, but the bell towers were saved. Paris officials say Notre Dame can be rebuilt.

According to ABC Radio News from one interview, most of the cathedral's interior was wood, which fed the flames like a cooker. But even masonry that survived the fire may be terribly damaged.

After the fire was extinguished emergency services began surveying the movement of the structures. France's culture minister, warned that while the principal structure had been saved, the building was still unstable. But that didn't stop individuals and groups from their rally to help rebuild Notre-Dame.

Hundreds of millions of euros have already been pledged. Billionaire François-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of the Kering group that owns the Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent fashion brands, pledged $113 million towards rebuilding.

Source: ABC Radio News

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