We're hearing about them, even thinking about a few ourselves: New Year's resolutions.

You know, lose weight, get fit, get the checkbook in order, that sort of thing.

But I'm never among those who make New Year's resolutions, and I'm not likely to be.

Why? Well,  I'm glad you asked.

Anything worth doing, or any change worth making, can and should be done anytime.

I'd like to think I don't need a start date, real or imagined, to get going on something.

For example, if you take one look at me you'll realize I've never made or kept any resolutions about getting physically fit. I've tried, and I've done the best I could, but that's pretty much it, given the limitations nature gave me.

I don't smoke, so there's no point in trying to quit.

Eating right? Well, I'm coming up on 51 years since I was diagnosed a diabetic. So within reason, some things pretty much take care of themselves.

So go ahead, make whatever resolution(s) you want.

But the only resolution I'm going to make is the one I make every year: I resolve to not make any resolutions.