You may have heard about it, and maybe you've experienced it: Post-Christmas letdown.

There are probably several, more clinical names for it, but you know what it is.

The excitement, anticipation or apprehension over Christmas has been building up for most folks since around Thanksgiving, and since September for a lot of retailers.

We hear retail sales were up less than one percent over last year, and for some that means it was a disappointing "holiday" season.

Now, I'm not anti-retail, or anti-spending by any means, but there are other ways to measure what Christmas turned out to be.

Yes, I know the weeks leading up to the day are key for a lot of retailers, and a lot of people's jobs are riding on it.

But I prefer to look at it this way: Sharon and I spent Christmas with loved ones. Not all of them, but we were with family, and we hope to see more in the coming days.

The Christmas Eve Bell Service at our church was joyous and uplifting. The 4pm Bell Service was kind of new to us--we generally attend the 10pm Candlelight Service, which is very moving, but this year things worked out for the earlier one.

We gave gifts that seemed to bring happiness, and we received meaningful gifts in return. Let's face it: at our ages, we've kind of run out of the things we HAVE TO HAVE.

So post-Christmas letdown?

Again this year, I hope to keep counting my blessings and not allow the letdown to come anywhere near.

And if I should run short, there are plenty of ways and plenty of time to bring blessings to someone else.