At the Sioux Falls legislative coffee Saturday, I conversed with one of my legislator friends. He was a "no" vote on  the plan to improve education by increasing the sales tax.

I asked if an alternative plan exists. He said that House Majority Leader Brian Gosch, a Tea Party guy, from Rapid Ctiy, who led the fight to kill the Governor's proposal, has sent out an email with some details.

Since I am a curious guy, I asked if he would send me a copy. After briefly conferring with another "no" vote legislator who was in the conversation, he said he would.

As of this writing, about 24 hours later, I haven't received it.

This is not a criticism of my legislator friend, but it is a criticism of the Tea Party leadership in the State House, who won't vote for education because it is a "tax increase" and yet have not released to us the nuts and bolts of their plan.

Two conclusions can be reached:

  1. They don't have a plan
  2. The plan they have won't get the job done and they know it. They want to kill the Gov's plan first and then "come to the rescue" with their cheap plan, which won't do enough to make the difference most of us know is needed.

For the record, I have no problem with conservative thinking.

I do have a problem with Tea Party Legislators, who see a problem, acknowledge its validity and yet don't offer viable solutions in a timely fashion for comparison.

That's not being conservative, that's being wrong.

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