Right up front, I'll say here that there's a lot I haven't heard about or seen, and I'm fine with that. But then I saw a story about civet coffee.

I've written before that I really like coffee, and had my first cup at the age of 5.

Now, USA Today ran a story about civet coffee, which comes from Southeast Asia, in countries such as Indonesia.

It seems a native animal, the Asian palm civet, really likes the coffee cherries, and the riper, the better.

So they eat these cherries but they don't digest the coffee beans inside, so you can guess what happens to the beans.

Then people go around and collect the beans from the civet's, um, poop. The beans are cleaned(thank goodness), fermented, dried and roasted.

And this coffee is really expensive, upwards of $150 a pound, so they have to determine the real from the counterfeit.

An expert says some people have the "Ewww" factor, while for others, there's a "Wow" factor.

I don't care how good it tastes, or how much it's cleaned. I'm right there with the "Ewww" folks.