I saw a story in USA Today that surprised me a bit. Turns out many young people aren't all that anxious to get a driver's license.

Now, I became old enough drive quite a few years ago, and I'm guessing the trend isn't as common in South Dakota as it might be in large cities or more densely-populated states, so the situations then and now aren't the same.

But back then I couldn't wait to become legal for driving, although my parents did make me wait a couple of months after my birthday.

Still, we were driving out in the country anyway, and since we lived ten miles from town, it was pretty much inevitable that I'd have to become legal.

But many teenagers who aren't in a hurry have other options, including mass transit, and their lives are busy anyway. And then there's the cost of everything associated with driving--vehicle, gas, insurance, you name it.

I did have a college roommate who didn't drive, and although he passed away a few months ago, I'm guessing he probably never did drive since in Los Angeles he, too, had other options.

I will say I'll never forget the first time I drove to town by myself. I had a flat tire before I even got there, so there I am, brand new driver, changing a tire on my 1963 Chevy Bel Air.

I got my business done in town and got home safely, except when I drove into the garage, I could hear another tire going flat.

It's a wonder I didn't give it up right then and there.