"If you play 'In the Air Tonight’ at 11:56:40 the drum break will play right as the clock strikes midnight."

When this little nugget was posted by Phil Collins himself, the Twitter-sphere felt compelled to chime in. And why wouldn't they?

  • If you play "Africa" by Toto at exactly 11:58:43 PM, the first chorus will play at exactly midnight.
  • If you play the fifth set of the Australian Open 2017 at exactly 11:09:24 PM on New Year’s Eve,Roger Federer's ball will be called in at exactly midnight.
  • If you play the SpongeBob SquarePants theme tune at 11:59:34 PM and follow the captain’s instructions, we will all hit the deck and flop like a fish in unison at midnight. Honestly I think the world needs that.
  • If you play "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson at exactly 11:57:07 PM, Michael will say "Change!" and there will be a key change at exactly midnight.
  • If you play "Renegade" by Styx at 11:59:17 PM, the jig will be up and the news will be out right as the clock strikes midnight."
  • If you play the "Happy Song" at exactly 11:56:43 PM, Janitor Bob and the Armchair Cowboys will sing "So we groove and skip in the warm night air and I wrap me in your long black hair" lyrics at midnight. Which could come in handy of your dating a brunette.

It kind of makes me want to stay up until midnight this year.

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